Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

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AR & VR are coming together to further empower the digitization of many business processes. They are two nascent areas of technology whose full potential are yet to be expanded into mainstream industries. AR/VR creates value through personalized content and new business models in the real world. AR/VR developers from Pragma offer tailor-made AR/VR solutions using cutting-edge technologies to enhance the capabilities of businesses and industries in a very powerful manner.

There are several advantages

in implementing AR & VR technology in your corporate processes, most of which are immediately visible and have long term benefits. At Pragma, we deliver virtual and augmented reality experiences that not only delight your audience, but also advance your core business goals.

3D Scanning/Modeling

3D scanning refers to a technology for creating high-precision 3D models of real-world objects. The shots are then fused into a 3D model, an exact three-dimensional copy of the object, which you can rotate and view from different aspects on your computer.

AR On-the-Job Training

AR bridges the gap between the physical and the digital world and provides an immersive learning experience on how to operate new procedures or specific tools for the recruit. It allows a safely remote job training, regardless of where individuals are based.

BIM Modeling / Visualization

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has transformed the way architects design buildings. Combined with the power of immersive visualization, gives you the ability to explore your design model and get a much more accurate understanding of the final product before moving into construction.

Digital Twin Visualization

A Digital Twin is a virtual model that is an exact copy (twin) of a physical object or system which represents its entire lifecycle. Digital Twins allow facility management teams to understand the current status of physical assets while also providing a peek into the future of asset lifecycle.

Cultural Heritage

Recent enhancements of Virtual Reality (VR) technologies provide new opportunities for cultural heritage organizations to attract, engage, and support end-users more efficiently and effectively by creating unprecedented interactive experiences that can scaffold users’ creativity, learning, collaboration, and entertainment.

Bespoke Industrial AR/VR apps

Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are ready for business, and some of the biggest opportunities to exploit these technologies lie in industrial manufacturing and design. Pragma AR/VR developers are masters in customized AR/VR development and can offer solutions to any complex requirements.

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What are the benefits of using AR/VR?

There are several advantages in implementing AR/VR techniques into your business processes, most of which are immediately visible and have long-term benefits.
  • Improved learning experience
  • Time-saving technologies
  • Increased business performance
  • Richer user experience
  • Matchless interactive reality.

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