Human Behavior Analysis (HuBA)

People Counting!

HuBA is a full, real-time human people counting system. It utilizes 3D information from sensors (e.g. depth cameras) for the analysis of the human flows, which are processed in real-time leading to people counting results (entries and exits).

The HuBA can be used as a stand-alone counting unit, or combined with other people counting units in case it is needed to count more than one entry/exit points. Unlimited people counting units can be connected together. Counter configuration is carried out via remote control using WiFi technology, while all the results are sent and can be visualized through the HuBA portal. The system has a near to plug-n-play setup, while the software is automatically updated through internet.

HuBA monitors human presence

as well as human activity in a space


  • Traffic analysis
  • Queue analysis
  • Areas of interest/ Heatmaps
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Statistics & Analytics
  • Behavior Understanding
  • Monitoring & Management
  • Strategies

Image size 640×80
Frame rate 15fps
Field of view 60° horizontal, 49.5° vertical (73° diagonal)
Length range 8m
Accuracy >95%
Environment Indoor solution
Privacy Privacy by design
Time Real-time analysis

Power adapter 5V 2.5A
PoE Both IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at

Wi-Fi 802.11 2,4G
Ethernet LAN 10M/100M

Temperature 10-40°C
Security TLS
Operating system Ubuntu
Build-in processor Quad-core Cortex A17 Up to 1.8GHz

Dimensions L: 172mm, H: 63mm, W: 56mm
Weight 800gr

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Key advantages!

  • High accuracy (>95%)
  • GDPR compliance (privacy by design)
  • Sustainability (local data storage in case of internet loss)
  • Wired/Wireless connection
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) or direct power supply
  • Built-in processor (FoG/ local computing)
  • Real-time visualization
  • Easily connected with 3rd party systems
  • Full scalable and parameterizable.

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