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Pragma offers a variety of applications and services adding value to the unlimited interconnected IoT verticals and facilitating integration with other innovative applications. Pragma has developed an IoT platform that provides an easy and quick way to collect, process and analyze data that can lead to better decision-making and remote control management. Pragma platform empowers you to manage all the data generated by your company operations and display them in the most interoperable way, always adapted to your needs. Pragma helps businesses to easily analyze, visualize, and process their assets.

Unlimited Vertical IoT Solutions

Significant Infrastructures

Pragma has developed an innovative IoT framework capable to collect, process, analyze, compare and present information collected at different architectural nodes of an end-to-end ecosystem. It develops and exploits wireless and/or wired local or international communication, voice, data and image communication systems as well as other related objects on the IoT domain.

The core features of the platform are outlined as follows:

  • Support for different IoT Gateways used in a variety of domains to support seamless data collection and aggregation
  • Easily configurable and adaptable to user needs and preferences
  • Multi-hierarchical level support for user authentication and category management
  • Automated device-to-analytics information flows
  • Data driven artificial intelligence services.

AI Algorithms

Pragma has developed a variety of Artificially Intelligence algorithms for analyzing, processing and extracting meaningful metadata and information from data. The main AI algorithms can be summarized as follows:

  • Anomaly detection at sensor/machine data, detecting potential anomalies at their operation
  • Energy disaggregation to individual appliances device consumption utilizing only the global consumption of the building
  • Energy load and generation forecasting algorithms
  • Trend analysis algorithm detecting the profile of the time series data, while detecting potential deviations
  • Inference mechanisms able to estimate the visual and thermal comfort, and occupancy in buildings from energy consumption data
  • Advanced recommendation engine providing real-time recommendations to end-users for optimal building operation
  • Pattern recognition utilizing deep and machine learning methodologies detection anomalies at the operation of machines at early stages (pro-active malfunctions detection).

PaaS Characteristics


Dynamic Dashboards & Widgets

  • Drag and drop style widgets
  • User adjustable graphical widgets
  • Customizable multi-product dashboard templates


Multi Layer User Support

  • Network determined user policies
  • Simplification of users experience
  • Intelligent administration of user groups


Device & Protocol Agnostic

  • Neutrality in the architecture decision making
  • Any physical device, any protocol stack
  • Connectivity between disparate could-based systems


AI, Prediction & Trend Analysis

  • Deep learning for predictive analytics
  • Insights in hidden patterns
  • Awareness of unknown future events
  • Self-learning rule engine


Third-Party Integration

  • Enhanced data integrity
  • Secure data exchange
  • Infrastructure decision flexibility


Intelligent Rules Engine

  • Easy rules setup
  • Turning requirements into rules
  • Definition of complex decision-making logic


Flexible Hosting Solutions

  • Web hosting according to business needs
  • Scalabliity and efficiency of solutions
  • Easily achieved desired performance


Increased Security

  • Application identity protection
  • Data privacy management
  • Multi-layer data encryption

Technologies Supported

Why choose Pragma - IoT?

Adding value, not complication

We believe in offering a high-quality service, at a great value for your investment. We offer significant experience, technical and industry specialisms, in order to lift your business performance.

An experienced and skilled team

Pragma-IoT developers are well-experienced in all of AR/VR core components and will be able to deliver custom solutions no matter the complexity.

Attention to Details

It’s our ability to accomplish a task, while paying attention to all the areas involved, no matter how small, that makes us stand out from the rest. We are creative, while keeping a close eye on the calendar and your budget.

On time delivery

We understand the importance of deploying on time, and that’s why the project deadlines are taken with utmost seriousness.

Competitive Advantages

Intelligent Data Management:
  • Unlocking the sheer value of Big Data/ Intelligent data processing
  • Access to aggregated real-time and historical data
  • Data export in variety of Formats & Reports
  • External Data feed Connection
  • Scalable architecture – manage
  • Modular platform design for every vertically integrated solution
  • Intelligent Device Management.

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