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Since the world’s population is growing exponentially year after year, and more and more people are living in the cities, it is necessary to adopt new actions of development and solutions that ensure the effectiveness of city operations and activities. Smart Cities improve transportation and accessibility, promote sustainability, reduce waste and inconvenience, provide social and economic quality using smart technologies and data analysis. Smart Cities use cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Big Data to deliver economic benefits and improvements to the quality of lives of citizens.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy uses the Internet of Things to enhance the process of efficient energy distribution. It focuses on powerful, sustainable renewable energy sources and with the power of IoT energy solutions and devices promotes eco-friendliness while reducing costs.

What are the benefits of Smart Energy?

Making smart energy systems has become a top priority for businesses and presents many benefits to consumers, the environment and to the overall energy sector.

  • Total control of the energy usage. With the help of a smart display, you can visually track the energy used in the last hour, week, month, etc.
  • Supervision and remote control. The energy conditions are monitored in real time and there is a full control of consumption and electricity bill is obtained.
  • Reduction of money cost. Smart Energy uses technologies that ensure lower electricity bills while fully covering your electricity needs.

Smart Home

Pragma.IoT provides smart home solutions to allow our customers having their appliances, lights, thermostats, and other different devices remotely controlled through their smartphone or other networked device using an internet connection. Smart home technology fulfills users’ daily needs and improves individual lives.

What are the benefits of a Smart Home?

Smart home automation is being utilized more and more within homes and presents various practical advantages.

  • Devices can be managed from any place at any time. Being capable of controlling your appliances from your mobile phone or tablet, brings convenience in life, as well as time saving.
  • Home is becoming more energy efficient. Being able to program your heating, cooling, and lighting functions, through an app on your phone, leads to energy and cost saving.
  • Home security is increased. The surveillance features in the smart network that can be activated from any network device, provide comfort and peace of mind in the every-day life.

Smart Agriculture

By the term Smart Agriculture, we mean the usage of Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, location systems to maximize the quality and quantity of the crops. It forms a fairly new technology which is starting to establish in the global agriculture domain.

What are the benefits of Smart Agriculture?

In today’s modern era, more and more farmers invest into Smart Agriculture since it poses many advantages and indicates the future of farming.

  • Maximization of yields. Smart technologies such as accurate planting, harvesting, and watering improve the efficiency of the production rate.
  • Real-time data and production insight. Farmers are given the opportunity to predict production levels, soil moisture and remotely make decisions.
  • Reduction of environmental pollution. The new rising sustainable practices are eco-friendly and reject the old-fashioned agriculture methods such as chemical and non-renewable energy use.

Smart Water

Smart Water constitutes an emerging technology indicating the future of the Water Industry. The ultimate goal is to improve the water quality and efficiency, to detect the water leakage through the utility of software, hardware and analytics.

What are the benefits of Smart Water?

Smart Water IoT technologies provides utilities with almost immediate responses when a problem arises. There are many benefits and are given below through real-life examples.

  • Smart water monitoring. Using smart meters and monitoring hubs allows real-time water consumption measuring, helps identify overly excessive usage and presents ways for optimization.
  • Automated distribution systems. It is estimated that 25%-35% of water is lost during pumping and pipeline transport distribution. Smart Water IoT solutions can offer digital solutions that can drastically reduce the amount of water waste.
  • Improved water quality. IoT technology prevents contamination by chemicals and natural pollution such as acidification.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking is a parking strategy that combines IoT technology and human innovation and will help optimize the parking space usage, avoid the traffic congestion, and improve the efficiency of parking operations, by displaying free and occupied parking spaces in a web application.

What are the benefits of Smart Parking?

Under the pressure of living in the city, drivers’ only wish is to easily find a parking space. This is about to change with all the advantages that Smart Parking is presenting below.

  • Reduction of the using fuel. Thanks to digitalization, drivers are being directed to the free parking space, and they don’t waste time driving through the same street repeatedly.
  • Significant time saving. The valuable time spend on searching for an available parking spot will be eliminated, and that precious time can be spent on work, fun or hobbies.
  • Less traffic congestion on streets. When the driver knows exactly where he has to go, he doesn’t spend unnecessary time driving through the streets.

Smart Waste/Recycle

Smart Waste/Recycle is an IoT solution which is characterized by the usage of technology in order to be more efficient when it comes to manage waste/recycle. Sensors, intelligent monitoring systems, and mobile applications enhance the waste/recycle processes.

What are the benefits of Smart Waste/Recycle?

There are several advantages in implementing technology into the waste/recycle management, most of which are immediately visible and have long-terms benefits. These are presented below.

  • Eliminates unnecessary trash and recycling collection. Smart Waste bins transmit their real-time fill level information to waste collectors, and trucks can visit dumpsters when they need emptying.
  • Ensures environmental sustainability. Waste management is all about the collection of waste, and if it is not disposed of properly, it leads to environmental pollution. Smart waste/recycle prevents the spread of insects and rodents in residential and industrial areas.
  • Time and cost reduction. The current way of manually monitoring the waste in waste/recycle bins is a complex process and requires more human effort, time and cost which can easily be avoided by using our present technologies.

Smart Gas

Smart Gas is a fairly new term involving emerging technology that allows the collection of data from urban gas pipelines. It supports new features including online monitoring of real-time data such as pressure, flow and temperature and makes the production and management more efficient.

What are the benefits of Smart Gas?

The broad definition of Smart Gas covers many industrial and individual needs. Some of the key benefits of the Smart Parking are given below.


  • Real-time information of energy use. Smart Gas allows you to better manage your use and supervise the gas concentration levels.
  • Real-time updates about leakages. It effectively detects unwanted leakages that leads to accidents and allows the administration to take action.
  • Reduced cost. The installation of the Smart Gas system is very cost-effective and helps you manage your energy habits.

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Steps small cities can take

to become Smart Cities:
  • Enable Real-Time Response. Receiving real-time notifications gives the opportunity to respond immediately and ensure timely access to any emergency incident, before it’s too late.
  • Promote Information Sharing. Cities need to find new ways for local information sharing. Optimized data access can reduce the crime rates by 50%.
  • Improve Connectivity. Utilization of connected sensors to fulfill everyday activities more efficiently, using aggregated data to make decisions for optimizing lifestyle.
  • Encourage Security and Economic Growth. Having a reputation for safety and efficiency is crucial for invigorating local commerce and encouraging growth.

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