Linking creativity, culture and media technologies in the transnational co-production of digital interactive products for the communication of maritime and underwater cultural heritage

European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)

Date: September 2021

Project Summary

The overall aim of CREAMARE project is to create a trans-national and cross-sectorial cooperation framework in which cultural institutions, scientific/research bodies, creative professionals and technology experts co-produce CCI applications and media contents to communicate, disseminate and promote maritime and underwater cultural heritage and, simultaneously, raise the awareness about relevant social problems like pollution and other environmental threats that affects the oceans.

The project will test the proposed framework by involving marine archaeologists, ocean scientists and experts from the creative sector (storytellers, video makers, graphic designers, 3D artists, level designers, etc.) to co-produce, as a demo, a serious game in which the player will be able to visit highly realistic 3D digital replica of underwater sites of the Mediterranean Sea that are particularly relevant from the cultural and/or the ecological point of view. During these virtual dives, the player will solve enigma and challenges related to both the cultural heritage (shipwrecks, finds, submerged cities, etc.) and the environmental threats (e.g.: oil spills from shipwrecks, ghost nets that kill fishes and marine animals, illegal fishing and unsustainable boating practices, etc.).

Within CREAMARE project, Pragma’s main responsibility is the design, development and delivery of the collaborative digital platform, the ICT Advanced information system that provides tools and creative instruments to assist both creators and cultural professionals in learning and practicing creative co-production for CH.