Tales Brewery QualITy Improvement And CoNtrol (TITAN)

European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA)

Date: June 2021

Project Summary

TALES is a growing SME in the brewery’s domain. TALES plans to improve its production quality and expand its capacity to accommodate larger orders addressing the continuously growing interest of the market. Currently, the quality of the product/ beer is measured and assured completely empirically and manually. It is measured manually by tasting the beer and evaluate its taste, acidity, etc. in an empirically manner. Furthermore, the quality of the product is assured by ordering the “same” quality of malt and maintaining (manually) the “same” conditions during the various phases (e.g. mashing, boiling, cooling, fermentation, etc.) within the brewery’s production line. Therefore, TALES seeks the quality improvement and assurance at its production line that will increase the production flexibility, adaptability and automation enabling TALES to meet its scale-up objectives. TITAN will realize an IoT system for monitoring and control the quality of the products within brewery’s production line.


  • Product quality monitoring and control within all intermediate steps of the production line;
  • Product quality assessment and correlation with malt quality and environmental condition within various
    phases of the production line;
  • Production of different, new flavours with improved quality on a safe manner;
  • Real-time continuous monitoring and control of the production line;

PRAGMA, will be responsible for developing the prediction and simulation algorithms, as well as the TITAN’s HMIs and visual analytics.



Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union.