EVOLUTIOnary Accelerator for Continuous Segment Growth

INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP – Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies – Advanced manufacturing and processing

Date: March 2020

Project Summary

MARKET4.0 develops an open multi-sided digital platform for enabling production equipment and service providers to connect and work together with manufacturing companies. Creates technical and financial trust to prove payment, delivery and anonymized feedback in manufacturing B2B collaboration.

EVOLUTIO is an experiment that aims to help industrial companies to penetrate the competitive markets for the production of metal components for thermoplastic injection services and for the production of plastic parts through the implementation of these industrial services by using tools able to fast analyze costing and production times to provide an efficient response to customer demands. To do this, the functionalities provided by the existing manufacturing data tools i.e., Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and by the Production Management tools i.e., Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will be integrated with MARKET 4.0 service platform through specific IoT Gateway capable of integrating company production process information and the tools of the MARKET 4.0 in a secure way by using IDS connectors.

Pragma-IoT is responsible for the development of the platform (equipped with embedded intelligence) able to parameterize and extend intelligent algorithms for real-time monitoring, malfunction and anomalies detection, predictions, abnormal behaviour detection, etc. enabling the optimization of machine settings and production monitoring and Energy@Work (E@W) that will manage the activities related to the further development and deployment of the app solution supporting the end-users in the utilization of the MARKET 4.0 services and EVOLUTIO data and apps management.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no° 822064.