TERRAPIN - roboTic undERgRound wAterPipe INspector


Date: November 2021

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Project Summary

Considering water is a scarce and essential resource for human life, finding solutions to enhance its preservation is a goal of major importance for the years to come. As underground water pipe inspection is a very demanding operation that requires laborious scanning of large areas with bulky devices, the inspection of water grids for leakages is a real challenge for the water utility companies.

The TERRAPIN project acts on the development of a novel robotic solution for trenchless water pipe inspection that aims to automate the inspection process and lower the associated costs. The project is complex, offering various solutions and technologies. The analysis of the exploitation path must be accurate, as there are a lot of parameters to consider and combinations to be made.

Pragma will offer AI-based algorithms for water pipe leakage detections and AI-based algorithms for ageing simulation for the identification of water pipe leakages and the prevention of leaks in the underground water pipe system.

The TERRAPIN project has received funding from the European Union and the RIMA network.

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